WE ARE Pursuing aesthetes.
The team of experienced professionals with aptitude and attitude.



designer and curious seeker

Asia completed her Master’s degree in Psychology of Creativity, Change Management and Consumer Behaviour (Jagiellonian University, Cracow; Radboud University, Nijmegen) and after working for several years at Ad Agencies she took her path as fashion designer and stylist. Her works were recognized in various competitions worldwide (YCE | British Council, Faces of Design in Berlin, White Swan in Paris, to mention a few). Eats pictures for dinner.




travel and food writer, visual artist

Gallop-addict, passionate foodie, obsessed with fashion and finding places worth discovering.
Divides her life between Barcelona and Warsaw, enjoying both kinds of life and spirits of the place.
Having graduated Fashion Design and Interdisciplinary Human Studies she manages to find balance between creation and reception.


creative entrepreneur & vision developer

As the restless artistic soul he finds fulfillment in commercial projects. The founder of the independent advertising agency DIFERENTE, which offers cutting-edge creations and effective communication solutions in all sorts of media. The long-time Creative Director and Art Director in structures of Ogilvy adv. agencies. Appreciated and awarded designer and photographer.


We Believe That Authenticity Is the New Luxury.

We are PlaceboForte

The name is derived from Latin and means
 ~I will please (PLACEBO)~STRONGLY (FORTE)

By definition we are attractive and strong remedy.

But we are no some panacea.
We are golden mean.

PlaceboForte pendulum definition